1 Golf Holidays in Portugal

Why You Should Have Golf Holidays In Portugal

Share This PostPortugal is a great country with 300 days of sunshine throughout the year and up to 70 golf courses all over the country. Absolutely great for your golf holidays in Portugal. Why Golf...

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DIY Camper Van

DIY Camper Van in Europe

Share this postSince I have taken a few road trips through Australia, I love having the freedom by living in a van whenever I want to. Being in Europe for a while I could not imagine to only live in...

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Christmas Markets in Europe

Christmas Markets in Europe: The ultimate 21 day trip

Share This Post Some of my friends from Australia are planning to spend Christmas and NYE in Europe. They asked me for some advice for an ultimate 21 day trip through Christmas Markets in Europe....

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10 Ways How To Work While Travel

Do you ask yourself sometimes how can you work while travel? This great idea of waking up whereever you want in this world and not to worry that you have to be somewhere tomorrow or next week as you...

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Back up website

How To Back Up Your Website

Share this PostHave you ever thought of backing up your website? I made the decision to close down my old marketing website and the business in Australia as I was struggling with bugs in the software...

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Work While Travel

3 Tips How Not To Work A Day In Your Life

Share this post Do you know the famous free business seminars which suppose to teach you how to build a 6 figure business over night or how to become an industry rock star? Years ago, just a few...

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